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Wonderful Wednesday! February 1, 2012

Wednesday’s are now my favourite day of the week

Two hours of food TV makes a very happy TV Food Addict, with: How to Cook like Heston and The Fabulous Baker Brothers on Channel 4 from 8pm, and then Masterchef on BBC 1 at 9pm.

Firstly, Heston Blumenthal, a food scientist turned chef known for his crazy, scientific wonderful cooking methods teaches the public the tricks behind his miracles, most of them being quite easy (if not a bit time consuming) tips and methods for getting the best out of individual ingredients and for combining flavours to create spectacular dishes. Sometimes I think he is a bit unrealistic, how many people are going to order dry ice online (no matter how cheap it is) to make ice cream? How many people will go out and buy a blowtorch to make toast? But his tips for making cheese fondue today were really helpful as I’ve tried a few times and have always ended up with a slimy cheesy mess. His cheese on toast ice cream was a bit too much for me, but I will continue to watch for entertainment and to pick up some tips.

The Fabulous Baker Brothers is my new TV Food Crush, the charismatic and entertaining brothers Tom, (the baker) and Henry (chef/butcher) give an fresh look at classic recipes, teach how to make all kinds of bread, and often encourage the use cheap or alternative ingredients to cook delicious meals. In tonight’s episode they cooked home-made burgers (or sliders) and home made burger buns, which looked absolutely delicious along with a fantastic toad in the hole (I can never make my batter rise like that) Along with their weekly Pie Competition which sees the boys each bake a pie and get different groups of people to decide which is best, personally I would have gone for the fish pie, but I’m not surprised the ┬ábunch of students went for the Shepards Pie, as it is more familiar, easier to make and fish is less popular among young people. I’m going to keep my eyes open for these two, they are fun, entertaining and are both very skilled.

Tonight’s Masterchef needs its own post, so take a look for your weekly fix!

If you missed the Channel 4 programmes, check out www.4OD.com


2 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday!”

  1. Have you noticed how innuendo laden the fabulous baker brothers is? It’s fantstic! “ooh a wet finger really helps” I watched it slightly tipsy at a friends and was laughing dirtily through out. Massive tv crush too, possibly because of his love for “the wet finger trick” :P

    • Why am I not surprised by this comment! :P Don’t ever change Jess <3
      I agree a teensy bit on the TV crush bit. They are really funny and seem to be genuinely nice guys. As well a being hot in a cute, slightly geeky way! lol. :) Thanks for reading. :) xx

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